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Kaneki :iconthemilkdrinkerdraws:TheMilkDrinkerDraws 1 0
Five stages Of Loss-Sufin (1)
Hilo^_^ this is in third person.And idk how to do Sweden's accent, so tell me if I'm doing it wrong.Also I uploaded this on my wattpad, because I can. Hope your day is awesome!
The Works Of Love And The World  - The Five stages Of Loss - Sufin 
Love works in funny ways.
People are fussy of who they love or want to be in love with. But because of this love is just harder to find.
Love likes to tease the people. Making them think they found love when they haven't. Those boyfriends or girlfriends a person has, they didn't love them, and those previous partners probably didn't love the person either.
Those little loves make a person human. It's possible that someone you had a little love with was the one, even if you think it ended, you'll always find each other again.
Our beautiful world's a weird place.
Billions of us but a lot of people haven't found love. Well I hope they'll find it soon, live is short so people should liv
:iconthemilkdrinkerdraws:TheMilkDrinkerDraws 0 0
The rainy bus stop-Iceland x reader(soulmateAU)1?
The rainy bus stop - Iceland x reader (soulmate AU)
Sorry if anyone seems a bit ooc. Also this is set in a made up place in Asia if anyone is wondering. Enjoy! ^_^
-Iceland's Pov-
I should have brought my umbrella. I knew that I should of. Of course I should have, it's the start of the murran season (bear with me I'm mixing Vietnamese words with something made up, I'm doing this so it looks like a English word. Mur is rain in Vietnamese if you wanted to know.). I can bet that bi- I mean Lukas is going to start annoying me saying, "oh little brother you should have brought a umbrella," or "come and share the umbrella with big brother." The ring of the bell interrupted my thoughts, signalling that the school day was over. The warm murran rain looked like it was beginning to stop.
I look up at my surroundings and get up from my chair. I see a crimson string leading from Alice to Alfred as they regroup with their frie
:iconthemilkdrinkerdraws:TheMilkDrinkerDraws 4 1
SNK/AOTGUYS xLittleSister!readerxBigBrother!Levi(4
SNK/AOT GUYS xLittleSister!reader x BigBrother!Levi Ackerman
I was thinking of putting Dan and Phil into my fanfic at one point. What do persons think? Enjoy!
-----------------------------------------------Jean's pov-----------------------------------------------
Jaeger managed to stay up even though his belt was broken? To be honest I'm impressed but that's just annoying! I sure I could do the same but I'm not going to test it.
---------------------------------------Commander Shadis pov---------------------------------------------
Jaeger. Ver
:iconthemilkdrinkerdraws:TheMilkDrinkerDraws 1 1
SNK/AOT GUYS xLittleSister!reader x BigBrother!Levi Ackerman
"H-hey wake up!"
"Hm? What time is it?" I say sleepily.
"Er, it's past midnight but." She blushes, embarrassed. "Can you come with me to the bathroom, I'm scared, it's dark and really creepy!"
I sigh, "Tch, fine just quiet down, otherwise you'll wake someone else up." I force my self to get out of bed and walk to the bathroom with this other girl.
"Name?" I ask.
"Sorry that was rude. What's your name. I'm (fk/n) (fs/n)."
"Oh right! I'm Krista Lenz."
"Nice to meet you."
"Nice to meet you too!" She says giving me a smile.
After she finishes with everything we go back to bed.
"Oi, Lenz. Next time you go to the toilet try go by yourself."
"I'll try."
"If you can't you can wake me up if you want."
"Really? Thank you.
:iconthemilkdrinkerdraws:TheMilkDrinkerDraws 2 0
SNK/AOT GUYSxLittleSister!readerxBigBrother!Levi(2
SNK/AOT GUYSxLittleSister!readerxBigBrother!Levi Ackerman (2
Btw in this story you can use your real surname, because in the story your real surname is Ackerman.
I haven't talked to another person properly in years. I don't know why I should be expected to shout, what does my voice even sound like? I'll just talk normally.
I thought at that moment. But it was a bad idea. Because I hadn't heard my voice in such a long time my voice sounded, quiet. Emotionless. I don't know what feelings I should of felt but, I was determined not to feel intimidated, I refused, no, I refuse to feel scared, to feel anxious. But to everyone else I am just, quiet.
"Oi! You there!"
My voice is deeper than I remember.
"Who are you!? "
"(fk/n) (fs/n)."
"What! I can't hear you!"
"(fk/n) (fs/n)."
:iconthemilkdrinkerdraws:TheMilkDrinkerDraws 2 0
England? :iconthemilkdrinkerdraws:TheMilkDrinkerDraws 1 2
SNK/AOT GUYSxLittleSister!readerxBigBrother!Levi(1
Hilo ^_^ this is my first AOT/SNK fic so don't hate me.. Please. This will be in first person most of the time  and I might make up some things so the story makes sense! Forgive me please! Also spoilers so before you read watch all of SNK at least. Enjoy!
-------------------SNK/AOT GUYS x LittleSister!readerx BigBrother!Levi Ackerman--------------------
Life is like a story.It has a beginning, middle and end.It has chapters, paragraphs, sentences. Everything you do, every one you meet,leads and effects your tale. The unexpected are your plot twists,mysteries are possible story arcs.Your friends,family,lovers,enemies every one you could possibly meet. Effects decisions,future and your ending. Happy or sad?
But before you have an ending you need to have a start. Makes sense, right? Some are lucky. Lucky to have a good chance in life, born on the surface, with a rich,loving,caring family.
I don't remember a lot. My brother doesn't want me to remember how our uncle met us, but I just
:iconthemilkdrinkerdraws:TheMilkDrinkerDraws 1 0


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Hi there.I'm just a regular fan girl.I like video games, anime and making things.That's it.I'm a pretty boring person and also very lazy, really lazy and weird and akward. Yea.That's it.I can't draw that well,or write... but I'll try... so yeah, I hope your having a great day.


Hilio! I'm still alive. I'm just lazy and I'm sorry I keep saying I'll post something but I've not really had any ideas. I mean I have some ideas in the works but I've lost interest in them. 

SO! I was think of making maybe an original story? Like not a fanfic. That would be a first... 

Anyway that oooooorrrrrr I make a AU were the world is different in someway and add characters (not OCs) into it. So basically an AU fanfic. If I do the AU idea please comment what character you want me to do. I'm mostly apart of the Hetalia, Snk/Aot and Tokyo Ghoul fandom so if you suggest a character from one of those the story might (probably, hopefully.) be better than from something else.

I hope you are having a good day,night,after noon, morning, evening, or what ever.

Anyway bye. ^_^

Meow :3  

11 deviations
Hilo! ^_^

Still alive (on the outside) but recently my agency ask me to be in a movie so I agreed. Anyway while I was on set it got hot. Like


So hot that I almost fainted. I was doing my job as an extra, just so happened to be in a main shot, and before I almost fainted I felt, guess what, faint. So I was going to tell someone this after they ended the recording because I'm to awkward to interrupt them and tell them "I am about to faint." I hung in there for about 30 minutes. After that I couldn't take it anymore I was about to faint. 

Because I'm a awkward shi- poop, I told my friend next to me to ask for help because I was about to faint.

Me: I need to get out. I'm about to faint.
Friend A: What.
Me: I need help. Call for help.
Friend A: Erm can you wait for a minute?
Me: No I can't. Get help.
Friend B: What's wrong?
Friend A: She's about to faint.
Friend B: Don't stand there get help!
Friend A: *waves awkwardly at camera crew*
Director( I think): What are you doing?
Friend A: She's about to faint!
Me: *Is hyperventilating/ is about to faint while having a panick attack*
Director: Shi-crap

Then he grabs my hand pulling me of stage while I stumble trying not to fall into the water!

AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHH!  I FEEL LIKE AN IDIOT!!!!!!! Face Palm FT NFL - Natsu face palm Facepalm [Gintama] Danisnotonfire 9 Prince Charming (Facepalm) - Icon Michael Bluth - Icon 

It didn't help that OF ALL PEOPLE one of the DIRECTORS pulled me of set!!!!!!

Idiot idiot idiot idiot idiot idiot idiot idiot idiot idiot!!!

*reflects on life choices *Face Palm :awkward: 

Anyway have a good day ! ^_^

Hilo! ^_^

It's been a while. Soooo soorryy!!! .:sorry bunny:. 

I have planned a few xreader stories so be prepared!

Hope you enjoy the rest of your day!!!!          


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